04.07.2019 – 24.07.2019

Eröffnung: 04.07.2019 21:00

Sky M. J. Carranza arbeitet an der Schnittstelle von Videoinstallation und semi-partizipativer Performance und gestaltet dazu real-/virtuelle Raumsituationen, die als kollektives Hangout dienen. Carranza’s Arbeiten hinterfragen binäre Konzepte von Stärke und Verletzlichkeit und erforschen die Relation verinnerlichter Werte mit Gefühlen der Zugehörigkeit. Dabei nehmen sie den Zustand individueller und kollektiver Prekarität zum Ausgangspunkt, um Machtstrukturen zu hinterfragen und die Möglichkeit von Solidarität und De-individualisierung von Problemen als Grundlage gemeinsamer politischer Artikulation zu untersuchen. Andere Arbeiten verhandeln Werte, Ästhetiken und das Authentizitätsverständnis von Branding, Werbung und Unternehmenskultur.

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In der Ausstellung T.Y.4VISITING werden die Arbeiten Raperes CasaSan, entstanden in der URRA Residency, Buenos Aires und A&T HSD CANDY, die Doku einer Online Live Performance mit 10 Avatar Performer*innen gezeigt.

Sky M. J. Carranza works within the overlaps of video-installations, semi-participative performance, and arenas they design for collective hang-out. Their work questions binary concepts of strength and vulnerability within a neoliberal framework, observing the interconnectivity of our incorporated values, sentiments of belonging, and the state of individual and collective precarity as initial point to analyze power relations. A central question running throughout this asks, What would it look like to de-individualize problems? What structures would enable us to acknowledge the impact of emotions so that we can imagine a politics of solidarity? Lately, Carranza has been collaborating with horizontal, pay-free, and autonomous learning/teaching spaces in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Being human most likely will mean something different in the near-future, thus Carranza asks what tools the children of today need to learn so that they can make informed political decisions in that imagined future? Other works challenge values promoted in branding, advertisements, corporate culture, and contemporary notions of authenticity. 

T.Y.4VISITING will screen the works Raperes CasaSan, produced at URRA Residency, Buenos Aires and A&T HSD CANDY, the documentation of a online life performance with 10 performing avatars.

Raperes CasaSan is the result of a research around self-organized spaces that offer non-linear approaches of knowledge production in the city of Buenos Aires. CasaSan in La Boca, Buenos Aires was the house of Santiago. After his death his mother Mercedes decided to transform the house into the foundation CasaSan as a place for gatherings, free workshops and classes in the neighborhood for kids with any kind of addiction or scarcity issues. Every Monday to Saturday there are a broad number of free activities for kids, teenagers and their families. Raperes CasaSan is the result of a collaboration with the rap workshop by Negro Corleone, who shares his skills in improvisation, rhyming and poetry with 6 to 14 years old kids. 

A&T HSD CANDY is the documentation of a one-hour gathering on the online avatar chat platform IMVU with Sky M. J. Carranza, Luca Fontanetta, Steph Holl-Trieu, Amelie Jakubek, Maria Potthoff, Romo Schomerus, Helen Stefanie, Stella Ticera, Myrto Vratsonou, Renata Zas in May 2019. 

Pictures: A&T HSD CANDY (2019), Raperes CasaSan (2018), Buenos Aires, URRA

Betreuung: Lukas Kleinert