An audio-visual installation about Ukrainian biographies

19th of December 2019

„Maidan in progress – майдан в прогресі“ shows in an installative format footage of activist people from the transformation-driven Ukraine, who were linked to the Euromaidan protests in Kyiv in 2013. Various voices are presented, as well as the images of their immediate surroundings – the Maidan of Independence.

Since 2015, documentarians Masha Kashyna and Nele Tast have been audio-visually observing processes in Ukraine. The principle: every two years they interview the same people in the same places. There is no end to the long-term documentary project, but after each shooting a format is developed, which in itself shows the current status of the events and stories. Over the course of several years, individual biographies will be observed in the chaos of Ukraine’s transformation process, reflecting on how they are changing at the time of democratization and decentralization of the political system.

7:00 pm opening of the installation
8:00 pm film screening
8:30 pm talk

Languages ​​of the footage: Ukrainian / German
Subtitles: English